Waiting With the Lights On

by Christiane

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released April 28, 2017

Produced by Christiane Smedley & Skip Cherryholmes
Recorded, engineered and mastered by Aaron Dethrage
Recorded at Fidelitorium Studios

Christiane Smedley-vocals, guitar
Skip Cherryholmes-vocals, guitar
Karen Smedley-vocals
Phil Wise-electric guitar
Marc Miller-bass
Jeremy McCormick-drums
Matt Hooper-violin
Ben Azevedo-piano
Clyde Mattocks-steel guitar



all rights reserved


Christiane Raleigh, North Carolina

Experimenting with rhythms, volume and speed, and performing original songs, along with an array of often surprising covers has resulted in an interesting and energetic take on acoustic music.

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Track Name: Other Side
You’re warm but we stay apart as long as we can
As we start to relax our bodies start to sink in
I don’t know exactly what it is I’m doing but I know it’s to tempt
We can close our eyes and we can try not to touch
She’s on both of our minds but we can’t think about her too much
Let’s just lay here in the dark and let the morning be our judge

I can tell what’s coming
I can tell you want to
but she might as well be lying
on your other side

Your hands pull me closer and I oblige them
We share a breath, same air same timing
It’s getting to be a bit much but it’s so exciting
We just keep moving, just keep moving to keep her away
I know what I should do but see I know what I want
and I know that you’re thinking the same but now it’s too late for us to stop
Track Name: Good Things
Good things only come to those who want them
and babe, I’m not sure that I do
cause if happiness was what I’d been looking for
I sure wouldn’t still be with you

For most of a year, I was waiting with the lights on
while I was sleeping, you were playing with them off
now it’s easy to see what kind of fool you’ve been taking me for
but the more you cut me down, the less I’m gonna fall

Is it fun because it’s easy or is it easy because it’s fun
now that we don’t have to tell each other stories
I’d rather be with anyone than just sitting here alone
so I’ll just stick around until I find someone who adores me

I don’t mind us together
we’ll say I love you while we wait for better
don’t you worry about me being hurt
but you can’t say you were good to me when we both know you weren’t
Track Name: Not From Mississippi
Like good girls ought to do, I made sure to put my nice dress on
but the heat from those summer days made too great a temptation
after that I bit my tongue but didn’t bite down hard enough
all we did was fight all day cause I guess we both liked it rough
Riding in your truck, you’d reach out to hold my hand
and at the red light, you’d try to kiss me if you can
but I started to worry about who might see in the window
I noticed you pulling away until you finally let go

I never thought you were perfect and you never thought that of me
I knew from the moment we met that you and I were not to be
but you’re from below the Mason-Dixon line and not from Mississippi
we had fun in our time together but it’s time for you to leave

The more I learned the less I wanted you around
I wasn’t gonna be the second girl to the other that you found
all the choices I made were actually yours
which explains why all of the outcomes were so poor
if I had the chance to do it over again
I would’ve left the bar I met you at and skipped that last gin
Track Name: Cold
It was winter when we built our home
but in the spring, it started to feel just like a house
I held you to keep you warm, I needed it too
now I just need to get out

We burned hard and we burned fast
and the flame kept getting stronger but
don’t bother sifting through the ash when the fire is gone
there’s nothing here that’s worth taking so I think I’m just gonna go
I’m tired of the heat suffocating me and right now
I just want to be cold

In the summer you just couldn’t let me cool off
the heat made it hard for me to breathe
you told me to wait for relief that would come with the fall
but by then I was ready to leave
Track Name: Disappeared
I’ve been having these dreams
They’ve been waking me up
From anxiety
For things I can’t confront
Worrying about you
In relation to me
Just trying to figure out
How I’m supposed to be

It seems like you want me
but I can’t know for sure
Because you just won’t say it
And I don’t know what for
I’m scared that you’ll tell me
Just what I want to hear
And then I’ll turn around and find you’ve disappeared

You say you don’t know
What it is you want
But keep asking me
What’s been holding me up
Well maybe I want
You to make up your mind
But I can’t keep you
From taking your sweet time
Track Name: Public Enemy
Brothers when I die put the lye on my head
if they don’t know me in life they shouldn’t know me when I’m dead
bury my body and don’t waste time
you gotta be done before the sun can rise

Won’t you find my family tell’em I died brave
don’t tell’em I cried, don’t tell’em I prayed
they know that I don’t want God to forgive
someone like me, heart black as sin

Sister when I go, know I tried to make you proud
haven’t seen you in years cause I couldn’t allow
you to be in danger but know I never shot to kill
but when it’s between you and them, you’ll find out your will

You and me and all of Texas know what’s coming
the look of sadness on your face is so unbecoming
don’t you dare shed a tear, it’s not what I deserve
the meal that I made myself now has to be served
Track Name: So Long
What’s the point of saying no
When you only hear yes
It makes it easier to claim
Misunderstanding I guess
You keep saying that you’re sorry
but it gets harder to believe
When it keeps on happening

What’s the point of falling in love
When you can have me
Someday you’ll find something of value
But for now you’re just not trying
Now I know just what I’m good for
You’ve made it very clear
I won’t try to be anything more

You took away my confidence
Made me wonder why anyone would want me
Confused my conscience
As if I’m the one that should feel guilty

What’s the point of telling you about my day
It’s not like you were going to listen anyway
Cause you can’t look at my words
And you can’t touch the things I say
and I’d rather not talk than be ignored

What’s the point of telling you that it was wrong
When I let you think it was alright for so long
Now the only vindication I can get
is with this stupid song
But I’m the one that has to live with all the damage
Track Name: Beating Hearts
Ask me how I’m doing
And I’ll swear I’ll be fine
Always knew it would never last
But didn’t think I was wasting your time
You moved on so fast
Cared for me less than I did you
Confirmed by the things under your bed
All the secrets you thought you’d kept hidden

It’s something we both knew would come
Nothing to say, make jokes instead of affection
Nothing more than warm bodies in a bed
Beating hearts the only thing in common

I tried to make it work
And then I just tried to quit
But you were all too willing
And I liked you more than I could admit
Then I saw you out
When you told me you’d be with your friends
In a way I guess it wasn’t a lie
Cause in a way I guess she is

I can’t be too hurt
See I have my secrets too
The difference between you and I is
They’ll always be secret to you
Track Name: Should've Warned Me Of You
I know to watch my back on the streets
and be careful of pills in plastic baggies
but I didn’t know the most addictive drug could smile
No it won’t rot your teeth
Or picture things that you shouldn’t see
But when it’s away I sure can get hostile

I’ve always been told what I shouldn’t do
But if they wanted to keep me safe
They should’ve warned me of you

I can’t keep my mind on track
I try to leave and it pulls me back
I just want to know when I’ll get my next hit
My mama warned me too little too late
Cause by that time I’d sealed my fate
I just don’t have the power now to quit

I’d never wish this on anyone
Cause a love like this you want right in your blood
So watch out for drugs with fingers and a heartbeat
Track Name: Coyote
I know you think it’s wrong, I know it probably is
I know that they all say I’m the dirtiest animal who ever lived
I know but I don’t care, it’s where nature’s done me wrong
everytime I stop for air, you got me on the run

I do what it takes to survive
though it’s often lacking honesty
when you’re down for the count
thank God at least you’re not me

All night I’ll ride this train wherever it happens to go
come morning, they’ll kick me off, don’t care if it’s rain or if it’s snow
in this world you gotta be fast and that’s something that I’m not
with no skill, no money too, I’ll get mine despite what’s due
Track Name: What I Can Get
Who needs love when you’ve got affection
I don’t know, if it’s all you’ll give
I know it’s your predilection
And if I push now I’ll get farther than I’ve ever been

I know how much you’ll give
And nothing I can say will make what I want true
So I’ll take what I can get
As long as I’m getting it from you

You say that you want to see me
It’s 2 am and the bars just closed
and it’s funny how you can be so charming
When all you’re trying to do is get me out of my clothes

I’ll call you tomorrow
And it makes me wonder if I hate myself
Cause I know I’m just the one you run to
When you realize that there’s no one else
Track Name: Mean Anything
Patience is a virtue that you really helped me with
but it wasn’t one that I wanted to learn
you said that the world, it’s not just about me
by showing me that it’s all about you

I was just in it for fun
it wasn’t what I thought it’d be
so now I’m done
you don’t mean anything to me

I thought that you would be an easy kill
and that I’d soon be bringing down my prey
but then you went and you put up a fight
and so I let you get away